A coach for your entire community

Everyone aboard: The new D45 CRT LE

First-of-its-kind design for accessibility

Mid Door; Low-Entry Vestibule

Form follows function

Extra-mile style, inside and out

High-capacity seating benefits

Fare generator

Reliable design; Reliable manufacturing

Our workhorse reputation

Details that make the difference

Unique features & benefits

Accessibility on a whole new level

Reliable Parts & Service

MCI continues to invest in additional parts to make sure you have the parts you need, when you need them, at a fair price, for virtually all MCI coach models. And it’s paying off. Our fulfillment rates are high, and our “Coach Critical Parts Program” guarantees that critical parts will be in stock and shipped the same day if ordered before 4 p.m. EST. It’s our way of helping to get your coach back on the road, producing revenue for your business. 

Leadership in public transit

MCI has been building road-based public transit for decades. We consider the MCI D45 CRT LE a company milestone for its accessibility, comfort and environmental leadership.

Whether your agency’s goal is to improve air quality, lower operational costs or expand commuter express service into new areas, the MCI D45 CRT LE, like all predecessor commuter coaches, will prove to be one of the safest, most comfortable, and flexible transportation solutions available.

Always There

Across the company and across the country, we support our MCI motor coach owners. Everyone at MCI is part of your team – Sales Consultants who work to get the vehicle you want, Financial Managers who make the investment happen, Technical Solutions Managers who provide field training, Regional Parts Managers who are experts at finding the parts you need, and 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance.

A coach for your entire community

Low-Entry Vestibule:
First-of-its-kind design for increased accessibility

MCI offers the manual Q-Straint wheelchair securement system as standard, and the automated Quantum as an option for the rear facing position on the right of the vestibule.

Following rigorous analysis and testing, our low-entry, mid-door vestibule concept emerged the winner from among 32 designs.

MCI’s design engineers worked closely with Designworks, A BMW Group Company, and several advocacy organizations to develop the D45 CRT LE.

Technological advances and styling improvements, along with passengers’ and operators’ requirements have inspired a complete redesign of MCI’s commuter coach, the industry’s number-one choice for commuter service.
It’s the first new D-Series commuter coach in 25 years. Long recognized for passenger comfort and proven reliability, the MCI commuter coach has the best mean distance between failure rate (MDBF) compared with our competitors.
It also represents MCI’s vision for the future of public transit. The new D45 CRT LE was designed with changing passenger demographics in mind. As some riders give up their cars or avoid buying automobiles altogether, the need for accessible mass transit has never been greater. The MCI D45 CRT LE commuter coach provides an efficient, comfortable response to this demographic evolution with innovative features:
• Second door
• Boarding times comparable to low floor transit
• Low-entry vestibule with five seats
• Modern design
• Seats 54 passengers
• ADA and Buy America compliant
• Seats 52 with two mobility devices
The breakthrough low-entry vestibule design offers unprecedented ease of entry and exit, and a new standard of comfort. The new model provides everything your system will need to serve your passengers, especially those with specific mobility needs

The new D45 CRT LE


Extra-mile style

The MCI D45 CRT LE delivers a stunning silhouette with two points of entry and exit, panoramic frameless windows and a refashioned front and rear end. An optional rear window adds extra visibility and natural light to the cabin. Still, what passengers will appreciate most are the interior’s ergonomic achievements.

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Extra-mile style

The addition of MCI’s trademark spiral stairway at the front entry point and increased door width opens up the aisle and places the fare box closer to the driver’s dash for better clearance. This allows passengers to get on and off more quickly. For safety and comfort, MCI includes sturdy stainless steel grab rails and illumination on step nosing.

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Details that make the difference

The Bendix ADB 22x braking system delivers car-like control, and optional collision mitigation technology uses a forward-mounted radar sensor to issue warnings and prompt active driver intervention to help avoid incidents.

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The new D45 CRT LE